Gary at TEDxTallaghtCLOUDCircles™, like donations to Wikipedia or other causes, are designed to be a people’s IPO, the ability for individuals to contribute to a cause, in this case the future of their Internet. CLOUD is the Consortium for Local Ownership and Use of Data. Since we are a non-profit (preparing for both 501(c)(3) and 501(c)(6) filings), we are not raising venture capital but still need financial resources to fund the team and execute our business plan to “Reweave the Fabric of the Internet to Transform Humanity” as described by CLOUD’s founder, Gary Thompson, at TEDxAustin.

CLOUD has Innovation Circles for not only companies/foundations but individuals and crowd-sourced efforts. CLOUD’s company/foundation Innovation Circles include Founding ($50K), Industry ($125K), Catalyst ($250K), and Dimensional ($500K). For crowd-sourced circles, these Innovation Circles include a Supporting level ($25K), Engaging ($50K), and Sustaining ($100K). For individual circles, they can be named at the following levels, Supporter ($5K), Leader ($10K), Creator ($25K), and Change-maker ($50K). Our first crowd-sourced Innovation Circle was in honor of my late wife, Maureen, raising just over $25K. We are currently crowd-sourcing a Sustaining-level Innovation Circle called #ChangingTheFight, seeking $100K. We are just over 25% of the way there. You can contribute here. Other crowd-sourced CLOUDCircles™ will be announced soon.

We are in active conversations with a number of supporters, as we build momentum around our upcoming prototype of the CLOUD vision with a leading NCI-designated comprehensive cancer center, leading patient advocacy organizations and Fortune 500s with the capacity for powerful transformation. Watch this space for this unfolding news, and thank you for your support!!