CLOUD To Acquire Thrive Technologies In Move to Open-Source Access to Health Data

[Update] May 21, 2018 – Terms were reached and agreement executed that completes the 3.6.2018 announcement. Today CLOUD – Consortium for Local Ownership and Use of Data – announced its intentions to acquire the software assets of Thrive Technologies. CLOUD’s open-source vision for creating a new paradigm for privacy, security, identity and data on the Internet was born of its … Continue readingCLOUD To Acquire Thrive Technologies In Move to Open-Source Access to Health Data

The Texas Textbook Wars

There is an interesting discussion underway on the “Texas Textbook Wars” over at Of course, when one posts a comment in these sorts of online venues, one always runs the risk of the emotional response to a substantive post.  However, there is also the probing question, though, that deserves more attention, which is why I am making a more thorough answer … Continue readingThe Texas Textbook Wars

Reweaving the Fabric of the Internet

Weaving is an art practiced since ancient times.  Fragments of fabric dating to 5000 B.C. mean  this art pre-dates the fabrication of papyrus in 3000 B.C. in Egypt.  The art of weaving, its cultural and economic ecosystem, and the tremendous volume of innovation over the centuries that stems from weaving  make for an apt and powerful analogy to understand the … Continue readingReweaving the Fabric of the Internet

Set the Default to Open

Nowhere is the end of linearity more important than our individual rights, and Set the Default to Open takes a new look at this issue from both a legal and technology perspective. From the introduction to the article in the forthcoming Texas Review of Law and Politics, Volume 14, Issue 1: Rugged individualism and religious and economic freedom are among the … Continue readingSet the Default to Open