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Cerf has the question… CLOUD has the answer


Cerf urges standards for cloud computing

In this recent Infoworld article, Vint Cerf, as always, asks the right question. The answer to his question is to return to the basics of the Internet that he created. The "inter-cloud" problem he described most recently at the Churchill Club stems from popular acceptance of HTML 15 years ago. While HTML sparked an Internet boom, it made people look at the Internet as a way to connect Web pages, not people. Securing user data scattered among large numbers of Web silos is complex and consumes huge amounts of every users' most valuable resource: time. The solution isn't another identity standard or method for data portability. It's a paradigm shift. CLOUD's technology standard is that shift. It transcends mere identity to empower Internet users to control precisely how their information is used. Think of it as a privacy and authenticity standard that can work in more ways than HTML for the simple reason that it marks up facts about people, not text. The standard would permit anyone -- user or service provider -- to develop tools that are simultaneously more sophisticated and easier to use. Success requires a shift in thinking, a step beyond HTML. A mark-up language for people instead of text -- one that supports Internet connections that transcend the browser paradigm that's consumed us since the 90s -- would be a return to the very roots of the Internet created by Vint Cerf and Bob Kahn. CLOUD believes the keys to adoption are, one, Local Ownership and Use of Data -- hence our name. Two: Breaking down health, finance, education, and other silos to simply connect people, not industries. Just as people use one main standard to connect text on the Internet, we should use one standard to connect with each other on the Internet. And three: Empowering people to easily separate their identity from their data at the transaction and relationship levels. Thus, privacy is ensured and the economic value of connections among people and their data grows. ME 1.0, not just Web 2.0. From the perspective of a rain drop, there is no such thing as a cloud.  By changing perspective, we'll achieve an "inter-cloud standard." Starting with the individual, not the cloud, is the first step.

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